Fair Grove Honors Veterans at Assembly

Austin Newman, Editor in Chief

The Fair Grove High School hosted it’s annual Veterans day assembly on Tuesday, November 11th at 9:45 a.m. The assembly honors former and current servers in the military that are also Fair Grove graduates and local residents. The High School Choir performed the National Anthem, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance by Student Body President Gus Irvine. The Singing Eagles and Choir also performed their own songs, with the Singing Eagles performing, “Thank you, Soldiers” and the Choir performing, “America the New Colossus.” After this, Middle schoolers Elijah Washington & Sarah Bethurem presented their speeches for the veterans, followed by speaker Ben Schenck. The band also performed the service hymns for the veterans, concluding with a powerpoint of local veterans, and a moment of silence while taps was played.

High School Principal Mike Bell comments,“The Veteran’s Day Assembly gives our school and students the opportunity to say thank you to our local veterans, for their service and sacrifices they have made for our country.  It’s also a chance for the student body to interact with some of our veterans from the community and connect a face with the branch of armed forces they were, or are currently in.  We also invite the veterans to stay and have lunch with us in the MS Commons area.  The Student Council members serve each veteran as they get to reminisce with their friends and family.”

After the assembly, the veterans stuck around for a luncheon held in the middle school commons area. The Fair Grove Student Council Juniors and Seniors and Cabinet members served the veterans, concluding the veterans day events. Bell adds,“The most enjoyable aspect of the assembly to me is being able to interact with the veterans before and after the ceremony.  Hearing how much they enjoy seeing the students sing, perform, and talk about what Veterans Day means to them as students; that’s what it’s all about.”