Teacher Feature: Mrs. Johnson


Haileigh Houston

Social Studies teacher Mrs. Johnson has been at the school for 13 years.

Skylar Kensinger, Asst. Ad Sales

Amy Johnson is a History teacher at Fair Grove High school and has been for 13 years. Mrs. Johnson is married with two kids, is in a book club, a couple of foundations for fundraising, makes cakes and cupcakes, and is also the sponsor of NHS (National Honor Society). Ashlea Burks, President of NHS, said, “I like working with Mrs. Johnson because she has a lot of good connections for volunteer work and her laugh is hilarious.”

Mrs. Johnson has an owl obsession at school, but ONLY at school. She said, “It started out as only having one or two owls from when I was a little girl, but once one person got me one I just kept getting more and more.” She now has 68 or 70 owls total in her room. One of Mrs. Johnson’s five tattoos is an owl that a student drew for her.

Mrs. Johnson said she has been to every state except for Hawaii and Alaska. She has also been to 13 countries in Europe and has also been to Canada. She used to travel with her parents in their old Jeep and lay down the back seats to play Nintendo and drive wherever they wanted to go. She wants to keep traveling with her family now and after she retires.

Mrs. Johnson and her husband also participate in the SATO 48 hour film contest in Springfield, Missouri. They have done this for 10 years now and it happens every April. Mrs Johnson said, “My husband is very charismatic, but does look like a lumberjack. He can play any instrument you give him or can make an instrument out of anything! My kids are four and six years old, and they are both full of energy.” Her son is six and his name is Macklen. Macklen likes to play soccer and be outside, and Maggie, her four year old daughter, is just like her husband.

After Mrs. Johnson is retired, she says she will probably keep teaching at OTC part time, but spend lots of time with grand-kids she hopes to have. She also wants to keep traveling, baking, and wants to take up gardening.