Middle School Creates New Club



Middle school students learn different origai techniques.

Riley Gautieri , Middle School Page Editor

Fair Grove Middle School created a new club this winter for students in 5th through 8th grade. On Wednesdays after school from 3-4PM Mrs. Traci Richardson, a current 6th grade teacher, holds origami club in her classroom, teaching children how to make things from paper.

So far the club has only met twice, but they will continue to meet after returning from Christmas break, and get more word out to students who may be interested in joining the club. “Origami helps students to work together cooperatively, improve on reading and math skills, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills and build on their self-esteem and empowerment. This art of paper folding also helps with spatial reasoning by taking a flat piece of paper and turning it into a three dimensional object,” stated Richardson.

The club also teaches the children about the Asian culture, and the many traditions that they have. This makes the children more tolerant of these cultures and the traditions that come with them. While Mrs. Richardson does run the club, the idea came from one of her current sixth grade students, “The origami club started when Nolah Leick approached me with interest in this ancient Japanese art of paper folding,” added Richardson. Leick became interested in origami through a friend, and they both agreed that there should be a club. Leick suggested the idea to Richardson and she helped create the club for students who may also be interested, “I really like origami,” said Nolah, “It is interesting because it is a new art to me and it is different than anything that I have ever done.”