Boys & Girls Basketball Ends With A Bang The Fair Grove Boys’ basketball team has had a historic season this

Riley Gautieri, Middle School Page Editor

The Fair Grove Boys’ basketball team has had a historic season this year. They ended with a record of 26-5, with two wins over Strafford, the team’s biggest rival. They won their district games for the first time since 2003, beating teams like Strafford and Conway on their home floor, which were previously undefeated for this year. The team also made it to quarterfinals, which is the farthest any Fair Grove boys’ basketball team has ever gone.

Coach Tim Brown and Coach Jenny Talbert also got their 100th wins of their basketball coaching careers. In addition to this, some of the team players have achieved great accomplishments this year. Kyle Cavanaugh (12) and Garrett Kesterson (11), both hit their 1,000 point mark this season.

Also during this season, the boys have competed in the Sparta tournament hosted at Sparta, as well as the Blue and Gold tournament hosted at Missouri State University. They took first place at the Sparta tournament and third place in the Blue and Gold, setting new records for their team.

Team player, Kyle Cavanaugh (12), felt the team competed really well this season. He mentioned, “I am so proud of how our team competed this year, it was the best season I could of ever asked for. It may not have ended the way we wanted it too, but I am so proud of how everyone played this year. I look forward to seeing how their season goes next year.”

The Girls’ basketball team also had quite the year, ending their season with a record of 20-8, unfortunately losing to Strafford in the district championship game. Alana Findley was granted All-MLC girls first team, Bailey Weaver was on the second team, while Makenna Hill and Lorin Weaver got Honorable Mentions. For the boys’ team, Kyle Cavanaugh and Garrett Kesterson both received All-MLC first team, while Steven Huskey and Evan Fullerton both received Honorable Mentions.