Beckley Finishing Final Year Coaching Softball at Fair Grove


Coach Beckley talks to her players during a break in the action.

Stacy Beckley, high school softball coach, has had a successful career over the last 10 years she has been involved with the Fair Grove program, but will soon leave her head coaching position to current assistant Tara Whetzell.

Before joining the Fair Grove program, Beckley played softball at Missouri State University, an NCAA Division 1 school. Soon after, she took a coaching position at Forsyth High School from 1995-1998 and coached a summer league in Buffalo, where she had attended high school.

With her previous experience in softball programs, Beckley took the coaching position at Fair Grove in 2006 and led the team to many winning seasons. She led many girls through Fair Grove’s program, some following in her footsteps and continuing their careers at a collegiate level.

Former player, Kinzie Williams, said, “Coach Beckley is someone everyone can look up to. On and off the field, she taught me to always work hard and make the best of every situation. Williams remembers the many memories made at team camps and bonding trips, as well as the many hilarious stories told by Beckley over the years. Her favorite Beckley quote is, “You can say anything with a smile.”

Shyan Proctor, a current pitcher on the Fair Grove softball team, explained some of the dynamics of Coach Beckley, “I think that she is a fantastic coach! She is one of the best coaches that I have ever had. She breaks everything down so that it is easier to understand; that’s how dedicated she is.” Proctor also commented that Beckley likes to have fun during practices, but they always get the work finished when needed.

Jordan Coddington, a sophomore, knows Beckley on a personal level, “I have known her since I was in fourth grade because my sisters played for Coach Beckley. She loves her job and is so dedicated to the Fair Grove Softball program, and has always pushed me personally, as well as a person too. She makes everyone work hard, which brings out the best in everyone, and she can find my strengths better than I can myself. If she ever retires.”

“I admire how much time she has spent loving and being a part of the Fair Grove Softball program and I appreciate how many memories and fun times that we have together,” explained senior Haley Stallings.

Coach Beckley said she is excited for Coach Whetzell and Coach Overstreet, and believes they will do a great job coaching the team next year.

Beckley coaches first base, while Jordan Coddington squares to bunt.
Beckley coaches first base, while Jordan Coddington squares to bunt.