Read-a-thon Week A Hit In The Elementary, Raising $2,000


Middle school principal, Mrs. Charity Hollan, reading on the school’s roof to elementary students.

Riley Gautieri, Page Editor: Middle School

Fair Grove Elementary students participated in the annual Read-a-Thon March 18-28. The activity was open to students in kindergarten up through fourth grade. Students wishing to participate signed a pledge stating they would read each night throughout the week of the read-a-thon. Each student participating was given a varying amount of time that they were required to read, based on the age of the student, that they had to complete each night of the event. This year the first graders are chair of the event and have been tracking their progress. They are required to read 15-20 minutes to participate. The Read-a-Thon has been an event for many years now at Fair Grove, but this is just the second year that the first graders have been the chair of the event. “The kids benefit from this fundraiser by getting to show off how much reading they do at home every night,” commented Ashley Tucker, a teacher at Fair Grove.

The Read-a-Thon not only focuses on getting students to read more, but it also helps raise money for funds and activities that will go back to the students. Money raised is given to the Fair Grove PTO to go back into classrooms, projects, events and field trips. The students who raise money will also be given an opportunity to participate in fun activities, and win prizes. The overall goal of the students and faculty was to raise $2,000. The students met this requirement and enjoyed a fun afternoon with the school principal, Dr. Hollan, who read on the roof of the school. Other fun activities and prizes available to the students included an invitation to help turn Hollan into an ice cream sundae, an invitation to the Wommack Mill for a picnic, and up to $30 cash to spend in the Schoolastic Spring book fair.