Choir and Band Perform for Districts


Austen Rector practices for the state contest.

Alyssa Everett, Editor of Newpaper / Page Editor: News

The Fair Grove choir and band traveled to Lebanon on Saturday, March 19, for their annual Solo and Ensemble District competition. After practicing before and after school every week for a few months, the students finally performed their pieces for the judges. They were rated on a 1 to 5 scale, 1 being the highest.
Audra Harmon, the school’s choir teacher states, “For districts we pick two vocal solos, or one instrumental solo that the students learn both on their own, and also with help from Mr. Lile or myself. When they are ready, we put them with the piano part played by one of Fair Grove elementary’s previous choir techers Mrs. Cindy Sparks.”
There were several people who performed at Districts. All took solos, whether it was for choir or an instrumental piece. The students who took a piece for band were Kayla Patten (9), Mickie Roberts (10), Kaitlyn Masters (10), Austen Rector (11), and Jane Elliston (9). Elliston also took a choir solo to Districts, along with Austin Page (11), Logan Hill (11), and Chauncey Miller (12). All of the students were awarded with a two from the judges, except for Austen Rector, who received a one!
Since Austin was the only one to receive a one rating, he was be the only person advancing on to State. Austin says he practiced his saxophone solo during and after school every week to perfect his piece he was planning to play, which payed off in the end, as he received the highest rating possible from the panel of judges.
“It’s such a great experience, and I just felt so glad because after three years I finally got a one!” Rector illustrates. He has been practicing every week at home and at school, he hopes to “add more finesse” to his piece he says. The band director Corey Lile, as well as Cindy Sparks (accompanist), and Jacob Buckner traveled with Rector to State.
Solo and Ensemble State was held during the weekend of April 29 and 30 at the University of Missouri. Rector received a two for his saxophone solo, the second highest rating a judge can give.