New Elementary Staff


Sonni Martinson reads a book to her fourth grade class. PHOTO BY DYLAN BATES

Mersadie Risner

For the 2016-17 school year, Fair Grove elementary welcomed a handful of new teachers. A few are brand new to working at Fair Grove, while others might have previously worked here but have taken on a new position.

Sunshine Hubbard is one of two new fourth grade teachers. Hubbard commented, “I decided to teach in Fair Grove because I love the closeness of the community and the people.” Before coming to Fair Grove, Hubbard taught in St. Louis. She enjoys crossfit, reading, yoga, and family time.

Stacy King, new to teaching Pre-K, previously worked at Head Start, Parents for Teachers, and also worked as a para in Fair Grove elementary last year. King added, “I am most excited about having my own classroom and seeing the progress the kids and I will make together throughout the year.” King enjoys playing and watching sports with her family.

Although Amanda Lampe taught fourth grade last year, this year she is teaching first grade. She used to teach at Republic and decided to teach at Fair Grove when her daughter entered pre-k. She has lived in Fair Grove for a few years and loves spending her free time with family.

Sonni Martinson is also another fourth grade teacher. Martinson mentioned, “When I graduated from Missouri State University, I originally wanted to teach here. Throughout my college experience, I had the opportunity on multiple occasions to teach alongside a wonderful master teacher, Jessica McKeever. She taught me more than I could ever learn in college.” Martinson knew she wanted to be a fourth grade teacher, but at the time, there was no fourth grade teaching position open in Fair Grove. Before coming to Fair Grove, Martinson taught fourth grade at the Camdenton R-3 School District for two years. In her free time she enjoys running, hiking, swimming, camping, and boating with her dog Diesel.

We also welcomed a handful of new staff members to the elementary. Richard Gonzalez: Special Education. Kasey Sekulic: Second grade. Leslie Lobdell and Tara Whetzell: RTI. Cullen Borcher: Speech RTI. Mandee Arthur, Linda Allison, Amanda Mays, and Samantha Padgett: Paraprofessionals. Caroline Dukes: PT Clerical Assistant.