Album Review: Aaron Lewis

Cody Sisco

I recently listened to a new album released by Aaron Lewis called “Sinner” and was extremely impressed with most of the eleven songs in the album, nine of which Lewis himself wrote. Lewis was once the lead singer for the rock group Staind, but growing up in country music he later went solo in the country world. His new album, “Sinner”, landed in the Top 5 Billboard All-Genre chart behind singers like Mac Miller and Drake. With his outlaw style country music, Lewis does not receive much air time on the radio, which makes landing fourth on the All-Genre Billboard a pretty big achievement.
His new album also brings a new face to music. His very own daughter, Zoe, who is 13 singing “Travelin’ Soldier,” and brings an old face back, the famous country star Willie Nelson, to sing his title track song Sinner. Lewis’s song “That Ain’t Country” has faced a lot of backlash and a lot of praise. His hit song is a protest to where country music has gone not sticking to its roots.
One disappointing song on the album is “Northern Redneck.” Its statement that the only rednecks are those below the Mason Dixon is completely ridiculous, especially living in a small town just above the Mason Dixon. In the song he also miraculously forms a southern drawl which you never hear in the rest of the album. Lewis is someone that has always followed his own path which has gotten him in trouble before but why stop at this song? I don’t think you should let this one song ruin the rest of the album that has so much meaning like the song “Mama.”
Overall this album was impressive with multiple great songs like “I Lost it All” and “Story of My Life.” The album is all about sadness, pain, and real life. Although some songs on this album relate directly to country ideas there are many that just relate to everyday life and you do not have to be a fan of country music to enjoy a lot of the songs on this album. Those who listen to rock will enjoy this album and what it represents. It portrays life and all its hardships. If you’re feeling low and are in the mood for some sad songs I would definitely recommend this album.