Middle School Cross Country Race Into a New Season


Preston Thompson

Middle school cross country competes at Fellows Lake

Preston Thompson

The Fair Grove middle school cross country runners step into another season this fall. The team will consist of a boys team of three 8th graders and a girls team of two 8th graders and three 7th graders. The middle school team will be somewhat small with only 8 members. There will be several returning players such as Michael Schechner (8) and Aleigh Van Nostrand (8). While the boys can only place in individuals, Coach Brendan Carroll, who coaches both the high school and the middle school teams, expects them to bring home several medals. “The girls team have potential to both place as a team and do well individually,” says Coach Carroll.

They prepared for the season during the summer by working out with Coach Carroll directing. Their pre-season training is similar to the high school cross country team’s training regimen but with shorter distances and times with the intent to prepare the young athletes for high school level competition. During the school year, the middle school team practices with the high school team every weekday from 3:15 to 4:00. Many of the members ran on their own in preparation for the season. Carroll added, “The team worked hard in the offseason to prepare. The boys and girls teams are both very competitive.”

The first meet for the team will be at the Strafford meet at Fellows Lake on the 2nd of September. Michael Schechner stated, “I feel very confident about the Strafford meet. I did well last year, so I think I will do well again this year.” This event will be held at the Fellows Lake 5000 as both a middle school and high school race. “I believe we will have a successful season. Overall, these runners put forth excellent effort in practice, have great attitudes, and want to get better. I think those qualities will put them in a good position to place well,” stated Carroll.