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What does your schedule look like?

Halli Phifer

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There are two different types of school scheduling that is used all around the globe. Block scheduling is a way to try something new other than traditional scheduling (hour scheduling). You have longer class periods that meet fewer times each week. For example, in normal block scheduling the class could last anywhere from 90-120 minutes. They also met every other day instead of daily. Hour scheduling is when you have 7-8 classes a day that range anywhere from 45-90 minutes. You meet with these classes every day.

With block scheduling you have to remember which classes you have on what day. Even though you do not have as much stuff to carry to school, you also have to worry about if you brought the right stuff to school or not. Although, you do have two days to get your homework done, but you still have to do homework for both days. The day also does not go by as fast as hourly does.

The down side to hourly scheduling is you just have one day to do your homework, but you do not have to worry about whether you have the correct homework. You also will not forget what you learned on the previous day. Hour scheduling is better than block scheduling because it is less stressful. You also get to walk around every hour and not sit for as long as you do in block scheduling. In block scheduling you have to sit down for an hour and a half. That is a long time and you end up getting bored and paying no attention anything that you are being taught.

If you have not experienced both block and hourly scheduling, then you probably think that block scheduling would be better. I have gotten to experience what both types of scheduling are like. I can say that I would rather hourly scheduling.

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What does your schedule look like?