Kicking the Last Goal


Halli Phifer

Fair Grove Soccer celebrates after Kyle Stacey scores a goal.

Halli Phifer

The  Fair Grove Boys Soccer districts were on Tuesday, October 17 at seven o’clock pm and Thursday, October 19 at seven o’clock pm. Tuesday was the first round of districts and played at Catholic against the Fatima Comets. They continued on to play Springfield Catholic and the Fighting Irish on Thursday, also at Springfield Catholic High School.

On Tuesday, the boys soccer team ended the game with a win. The team had a score of 2-0 at the end of halftime and ended the game with a score of 4-1.  The team prepared in a various amount of ways. They did a keep away drill that was 3 versus 1. “We also did a 2 versus 3 drill which is two people defending the goal while three people try to make their way past the defenders to make a shot, and lastly we played possession, which is another type of keep away, but it is the whole varsity against the whole Junior Varsity,” Jacob Morelan (10) stated. He also said they expected it to be a good game and predicted they win if they played good.

Thursday was the second night of districts. The Fair Grove Boys Soccer team played against Springfield Catholic Fighting Irish. The score ended with a Fair Grove loss, and the score being 4-0. Morelan said that they all went into the game knowing that they this could or could not be the last game of the season. Morelan also concluded, “it was going to be hard to fight whether we won or lost.”

Although they did not make it as far as they plan to, the Fair Grove Boys Soccer Team finished strong this season, and plan to make it even further next year.