“Don’t Drink the Water” A Success

Georgia Whalley

On Thursday, the 15th of November, the theatre department had their opening night for Don’t Drink the Water written by Woody Allen. “It is set in 1966 in an American Embassy in an unnamed country behind the iron curtain.” Stated the director of the play, Amy Holland.

For this years play, there are two separate casts for the same production. One is constructed of the 6th hour advanced theatre class, the other is the “after-school” cast, of people who auditioned for the parts.

Holland explained, “A family from New Jersey runs into the Embassy while being chased by the secret police and are forced to stay in there until their escape can be arranged.” The main characters are Axel Magee, Susan Hollander, Walter and Marion Hollander. Axel is played by Dane Psyhos (10) and Eli Marlow (11), Susan Hollander is played by Kayla Hodges (11) and Kailey Faubion (11), Walter is played by Danyael Shelton (11) and Owen Smith (12) and Marion is played by Natalie Anglen (11) and Amanda Orr (12).

Not only were the actors working hard, but backstage there were multiple people working to keep good lighting, clean the sets between acts, and stage manager, Abby Quirino (10), making sure everyone had their props and costumes. Quirino commented, “The play went amazing. A few parts were skipped, but otherwise it flowed smoothly and everyone got their cues.”