Choir Carols Through the Land


Jacob Morelan

The Fair Grove High School Choir

Jacob Morelan

On Thursday December 7 the Fair Grove High school choir went caroling. Starting at 9:30all 32 of the students that qualified left the school and headed to Springfield. First they went to the Hulston Cancer center and sang the majority of their selection in the lobby, while Mrs. Sparks played piano. For just under an hour they sang to all of the workers and patients that took a break or came out of their rooms to listen.

 After that around 11:00 they went to Magnolia square Nursing and sang through the halls. Singing to all of the elderly and caretakers that had their door open or came out in the halls. While there, they all crowded into the room of Mrs Harmon’s grandma, to sing “Silent night” and “Jingle Bells” specially for her. Who stated the music was beautiful. After that they went down the hall to the room of a veteran to sing “Rudolph the rednose reindeer” and “Merry Christmas”. Several of those that went caroling thought that going into the his room was a very moving moment, so much so that one of the girls broke down in tears in the middle of a song.  Emma Hackett(11) said “It was nice to see all of their faces light up, as we went through the halls.”

 Their last Springfield stop was at about noon they went to the Greene county courthouse to show off all of their Christmas concert songs and several others as well. After leaving the courthouse they, ate and then started back to Fair Grove. When they returned they went through the halls of the middle school stopping in Mrs. Roepke’s room as well as several others. Then they moved on Into the high school only stopping in Mrs. Wahlquist’s room. Making their final stop in the library. Zach Baskin(12) stated,”I thought the caroling went well. We sounded really good at all the places we went in my opinion….it was a lot of fun.”