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Christmas Activities on a Budget

Ben Borchers

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With Christmas break approaching, many students are contemplating what they want to do over the break. Although most of them are on an extremely limited budget, there are still quite a few entertaining activities that don’t put much of a dent in one’s wallet.

Going to the movies has been a popular pastime for since movies became widely available. As long as you stay away from the movie theatre concessions, it can be a relatively cheap way to spend an hour or two. There are many different movie theatres in Springfield, making moviegoing widely available for student and also provides different choices for experience. The Alamo Drafthouse providing reclining seats and food service for a higher ticket  price than the alternative of the AMC Springfield 11.

Another option students have for entertainment this Christmas break is to go bowling. Although it is not as popular as moviegoing, it still should be considered. It can also be a cheaper way to spend a few hours depending on how long it takes for you to finish a game. Some options for bowling in Springfield include Lighthouse Lanes, Enterprise Lanes, and Sunshine Lanes. If you also want a meal while bowling, Andy B’s is slightly more expensive than the other options but it also serves food and has laser tag.

The third option for an activity is to visit the Battlefield Mall. Unlike the other options, this has the potential of not costing you anything depending on your self control. As with all the other options, the Battlefield Mall gives you options for a meal if you are getting hungry from walking up and down the mall hallways and the stair cases.  It can also give you some time to your last minute Christmas gift shopping that you have been putting off.

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