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Middle School Students Connect Through Video Games

Thomas Bruemmer

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Now entering its second year in the middle school, the middle school gaming club is a club that focuses on developing the social skills, of Fair Grove students, and offering a fun way for students to interact with each other in a fun environment. The gaming club, formerly called the Rubik’s cube club, is directed by the middle school counselor,

Mr. Bradley Coleman. Students in this club stick around after school to play video games for about an hour.  Mr. Coleman said, “We basically just play video games for an hour. We only play rated E games, and it varies between Super Smash Brothers, and Mario Kart 8”.

This gaming time acts not only as a time  of entertainment, but also provides a good opportunity for students to make friends, and work on social, and communication skills. Coleman stated, “I have found it to be a great social tool for students. It gives students, who are passionate about video games, a place to connect with other students with similar interests.” The turnout is also numerous. There are currently 40 students enrolled in the club, and Each week the club averages a turnout of roughly 40 kids.

Considering that Mr Coleman doesn’t have a classroom, he considers The gaming club his own personal way to build relationships with his students, and a great tool to help develop his role as the middle school counselor. The club meets after school from 3-4PM in the 5th grade band room. All members from sixth to eighth grade meet on Monday, and all fifth grade members meet after school on Thursday.

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Middle School Students Connect Through Video Games