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To Uniform Or Not To Uniform?

Jacob Betherum

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A study in 2014 stated that 1 in 5 public high schools require mandatory uniforms of some sort. Having uniforms in public schools defeat the purpose of the free education gig that public schools offer. It should be a private schools decision whether or not to have mandatory attire as private institutions aren’t free. Public schools infosize free education for all, but how can they say that when some public schools require specific dress and parents have to pay for uniforms? These uniforms can be particularly pricey for some families who aren’t as fortunate as others. Also aside from the fact that it is no longer free education individuals should be able to pick what they want to wear without any government interference.

An argument that supporters of school uniforms stated that they may improve attendance, test scores, and that bullying rates would potentially go down. The study conducted on their claims showed that uniforms don’t improve  bullying rates, test results or attendance. Also uniforms violate the 1st amendment, because in the first amendment, it explains that you have the right to express yourself freely, which includes wearing what you want. It is understandable that schools have dress codes where students shouldn’t have anything inappropriate on their clothes, such as drugs, alcohol, or too much skin revealing. There aren’t really any clear benefits of requiring uniforms in public schools to improve students education. Certain people still continue to have these empty arguments hoping to convince people of non existent facts.

There are some pro uniform arguments that can be made. They have been known to save parents money over a period of time. The reason is because students feel less obligated to buy the new styles because they wouldn’t be able to show them off at school. They also say that uniforms help with insecurity among teenagers. Parents don’t buy the expensive brands often if they can’t afford them first of all. Secondly, almost all teenagers put in a public high school environment will feel insecure with their experience at one point or another.

Another argument that people make toward uniforms is that students dressed in uniforms are better perceived by their teachers and other individuals. They conducted a study on this. The study has shown that teachers and other people see better dressed students of having more academic potential. That argument itself can’t stand though because it’s just a bunch of judgements. When you think of a debate such as this one, you want statistics and facts, not judgements. Nothing has come across as beneficial or helpful, so uniforms shouldn’t be mandatory in public schools. In a private institution that is and should be entirely up to them.

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To Uniform Or Not To Uniform?