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Pro’s and Con’s of a Job in High School

Preston Thompson

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Working a job while enrolled as a student in high school has benefits for a student but it also has negatives that should be taken into consideration when deciding if you should find a job. Working can prepare someone for their future through real life experience, but it could also hurt a student academically if they can’t handle the workload. A student should decide if they are capable enough to handle a larger workload without it affecting their education.

Many students in Fair Grove have jobs and responsibilities outside of school which can challenge them and let them adapt to a world that is different to the world of high school. The priorities and duties of a high schooler can be very different from the priorities of the workforce. A worker is expected to be given a task and be able to complete it by themselves and solve any problems that may arise while doing so. High school can prepare a youth for the future through social interaction such as working in groups or having a partner. It is common to have a team or specific coworker that works with you often so it is important to know how to communicate and work with them prior to getting the job.

The first job is a big step towards the rest of your life. It may not be the career you intend to go into, but it is the first interaction you have with the environment and expectations of the workforce. The decision to get a job is also important because, as a student, you must know your limits and not take on a load greater than you can carry. You should not value your job over your studies in high school. A job does prepare you but an education can take you much further in life.

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Pro’s and Con’s of a Job in High School