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Scholars Bowl Striving for Greatness

Georgia Whalley

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The Fair Grove Scholars Bowl team went to the Skyline tournament on the 14th of February. They took 5 members, 2 Seniors and 3 Sophomores. One of those sophomores, Madilyn Barker took 2nd place overall and another, Grant Squires came 10th.

The Scholars Bowl sponsor is the High School English teacher, Mrs. Wahlquist. Wahlquist took seniors Aubrey Carter and Elizabeth Perryman, with sophomores Madilyn Barker, Grant Squires, and Elisha Hamp. Wahlquist said, “I didn’t take the usual seniors that I normally do but our sophomores helped out.” Madilyn Barker answered the most questions out of everyone that attended for Fair Grove.

The tournaments are set up in a bracket format which is very similar to most sports events. Barker explained, “In each match there are two teams of four going head to head.” Scholars Bowl has 2 different ‘types’ of questions. They have toss ups and toss ups with bonus. The difference between the two is that toss ups are open for anyone on either team to answer and toss ups with bonus is the same idea except which ever team answered the toss up first gets to try the bonus questions before the other team. The bonus questions usually determine who wins the game because they tend to be easier to answer compared to the toss up questions.

Barker said, “I did very well, placing second most questions correctly answered out of everybody in our conference.” The members of Scholars Bowl have started practicing more so they can hopefully place in districts. Scholars Bowl is going to districts on April 18th and the team is aiming high. Wahlquist stated, “I’d like to see us place 1st or 2nd and I know we are capable of that. We really do have a great young team and I’m looking forward to the future.”

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Scholars Bowl Striving for Greatness