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Influenza A Sweeps the U.S.

Jacob Morelan

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The 2018 flu season has already taken the record for the worst since the early 2000s. This virus has already taken the lives of 63 children. It has also been the cause of more people going to the hospital than any other disease since 2005.  This flu has the most complications with young children and the elderly.

So far in this season at least 63 children have died due to this flu, 10 more of those being in the last few weeks. In this season the strongest strain is H3N2, which in past years has been known to cause more deaths and illnesses than any others. While flu symptoms still vary from person to person the most seen ones, like fever, cough, and sore throats, still remain as the constants. Most people with it get better in a few weeks however some develop serious complications.

While it is recommended, according to CDC, has said that getting the newest vaccination mid season is only 36% effective, in a good year. However against this specific strain that number drops down to 25%. The same report stated that the vaccination is 67% effective against the weaker influenza A H1N1,  and 41% against Influenza B. Getting the flu shot is still the best thing to do. Even if it isn’t a perfect solution it still gives a better chance of not getting it or even getting healthy faster than having nothing.

Most healthcare professionals are urging everyone to see a doctor soon after noticing symptoms. However, doing simple tasks like washing hands before and after eating as well as regularly using hand sanitizer are good things to do to help stay healthy. They might even keep you from getting the flu all together.


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Influenza A Sweeps the U.S.