Boys Middle School Basketball Season Comes to a Close

Halli Phifer

 The Fair Grove Middle School boys basketball team ended Saturday, February 17 with a game at the Catholic tournament. The 7th grades record was 5-11 and the 8th grades record was 11-5.  Coach Roepke said that overall they are happy with how the season ended. “I believe each team could have won another game or two, but I think most coaches look back and think that at the end of the year,” Coach Roepke stated.

The team is not doing anything to prepare during the school year. During the summer, Fair Grove hosts multiple Junior High shootouts where they invite multiple schools to play a few games a day. They also hold a few practices to prepare for the shootouts. According to Coach Roepke, “In the next month or so, we will finalize a summer schedule and have a meeting to see who is interested in playing over the summer/next year.”

Next year, Coach Roepke hopes that the team is able to win more close games, as the 7th grade lost a handful of close one or two possession games. “Some key players on the 8th grade team are Devin Carroll and Kade Gallion. Some key players on the 7th grade team are Jaxon Rowden and Blake Lewis,” said Coach Roepke.

Some tips that Coach Roepke would give to someone who is thinking about joining basketball, is he would encourage them to know how to do the basics first. Know how to dribble, pass, and shoot. “In Junior High we work on playing as a team, but having a basic skill set is really something kids need to bring into tryouts,” Coach Roepke advised. The next season starts in October of 2018.