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Elementary Raising Money by Reading

Georgia Whalley

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The Fair Grove Elementary students are participating in the annual Read-a-Thon. It started on March 21st and finishes on the 2nd of April. The students get prizes for the more money they raise. The money raised goes towards school supplies and school events.

The Read-A-Thon is a fundraiser to help encourage students to read. The elementary principal, Dr. Hollan, said, “The Read-A-Thon is an annual fundraiser to encourage and recognize student reading. Families and friends make a pledge or a donation for the amount of time a student commits to reading.”

The spotlight book for the read-a-thon is Wonder. Wonder is a book about a kid named August who was born with a facial difference that stopped him from attending public school. August explains what it’s like to go to school for the first time. It’s not required to read, but it is a recommended book to read and discuss at home.

The money raised by the pupils goes towards classroom materials, events put on by the school, and school projects. The students can win prizes based on how much money they raise. Hollan stated, “The students love the competitiveness of the fundraiser, and especially love the rewards against their principal!” For anyone who raises at least $25, they get to help turn Dr. Hollan, into a ‘human pancake.’ If they raise at least $50 they are then invited to a picnic during school hours at the mill. The overall first place winner gets $30, 2nd place gets $20 and 3rd place gets $15 to spend at the book fair. If the elementary can reach their goal of $3000, Dr. Hollan will spend the afternoon reading on the roof of the school.

The read-a-thon is sponsored by the PTO (Parent Teacher Organisation), and all the 4th grade students participate. Hollan explained, “The PTO sponsors this fundraiser as a fun activity to increase student reading and family involvement.”


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Elementary Raising Money by Reading