Middle School Volleyball Serves Up a New Season


Ryan Odom

Volleyball is now in season for the Fair Grove Middle School Volleyball Team and they have some big plans for this year.  Head Volleyball Coach, Lindsay Martin, leads the team to victory this year. Martin comments, “My goals for both the 7th and 8th grade teams is to grow a strong volleyball fundamental foundation and create an environment for the girls to become close to one another.”

The team plans to come out strong this year with a positive attitude and win as many games as possible. The school theme this year is positive energy and school pride so the team is definitely on the energy bus.   Martin states, “I feel like we have a great energy and the girls are so positive and uplifting of one another, which can be a great indicator of success. The girls work hard and love to play volleyball, so hopefully it’s a good combination.”

The team also has some very strong players this year. This year, the team consists of 20 seventh and eighth graders who are eager to come into the season ready.  Jaelah McDannald (8) and Kameron Green (8) are two of these key players. Jaelah said, “Getting to play the sport while also being with friends is my favorite part.  I’ve improved by learning to trust my teammates more than last year.” Kameron added, “What I like about volleyball is that it is both fun and challenging at the same time. From last year, I have improved my confidence level tremendously. This has allowed me to be more powerful in my hitting and serving.”

The team has total of 10 one-on-one games, six of which are home games, as well as two tournaments. The team plans to start the season off with a win.  Martin comments, “We are working hard in practice to be ready for our first game.” Their first game is here at home against Reed Springs.