FGHS Cheer Excited for New Season


Jordan Van Nostrand

The Cheer season has started up again and along with cheering at football games, this year the for the first time since 2013 the Fair Grove Cheer team will go to competition. Head High School Cheerleading Coach Tiffany Hill said, “Our goals for the year are to compete at regionals and ultimately state.” Coach Hill then added, “The squad hasn’t competed since 2013 and I am looking forward to this squad doing great things.” The squad will compete at regionals in St. Louis November 10th and 11th, State takes place at Lindenwood University December 1st and 2nd.

This year’s key members are Sidney Hill (12), Jaden Peterie (12), Kailey Faubion (12), Holly Lemon (12), Olivia Prince (12), Lyndsey Wall (12), Maranntha Holliman (11), and Brooke Heavin (11). “They each bring different abilities to the squad.  They are all individuals that the other squad members should look up to and try to perform to their level,” stated Hill. The Varsity squad has also welcomed several new members to it’s ranks such as Chloe Reynaud (9), McKenzie Chandler (9), Audrey Williams (9) and Kassie Stevens (11). Senior Holly Lemon said, “This season is going to be great, we’ve learned a new routine, new cheers, and overall have more spirit.”

The Varsity squad isn’t the only one with a few new faces though, the JV cheer squad has added Samantha Armstrong (9), Hailey Hulette (9), Miracle Tracy (9), Emma Hackett (12), and Elizabeth Martin (9). “My JV squad is working hard to perfect their skills  They are looking forward to cheering for our JV football at home games,” said Coach Hill.

Cheer Coach Tiffany Hill has set her standards high for her squad members on and off the field. Coach Hill stated, “The most important element of being an athlete is being a student first…Even during class, cheerleaders can continue to motivate others and set a good example…It is the cheerleading team’s task to unify the crowd in its efforts.”