New Teachers Start Off a New Year

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New Teachers Start Off a New Year

Lillian Crum

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Fair Grove kicks off the year with a few new faces. “I was a Para last year and I just love the support from the community and all the other staff members” stated Mandy Riddle, a preschool teacher. “I love knowing that I am helping the little children grow in their learning, whether it be helping them mentally, emotionally, or socially.” The children at Fair Grove Elementary show to have a strong bond with their new teachers.

Focusing on behavior management, and having fun were a few of the many responses on methods of teaching. “My method of teaching is really just many things rolled into 1. Above all I love conscious discipline, and I try to follow it.” said Catrina Gore, a first grade teacher. “…I was always “little miss mom” of my family. Early childhood education has been my goal since high school,” she continued. Many of the new teachers have had the dream of teaching for their whole life.

However, teaching is not always all that it adds up to be. Almost all teachers have an inner thought about what they don’t so much admire about teaching. “The thing I dislike about teaching is that there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day! It’s also difficult to spend the much needed 1:1 time with the students due to the fact that we have 20 students to teach,” said Ms. Gore.

There is still new excitement every day though! “The most exciting part about becoming a FG teacher is that I finally get an opportunity to teach in my very own classroom. The administration is so positive, and my colleagues are phenomenal!” stated Ms. Gore.

“I dreamed of working at Fair Grove for many reasons,” added Ms. Gore. 

The thing that teachers like the most is that the school district is like one big family. “I’ve loved having a career involving children.” The children have enjoyed having the new teachers around and are having more fun every day!

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