2018 Fair Grove Boys Soccer Senior Night


Senior soccer boy players pose for a photo

Dory Baker

The Fair Grove boys soccer team has nine players graduating this year. The nine seniors consist of Michael Steineke , Cooper Garton, Kyle Stacey, Kamron Stacey, Maicol Newkirk, Jacob Betherum, Shain Lahey, Dylan Mooneyham, and Austin Sisco.

This year’s seniors have always led by example. Head coach Joseph Florez stated, “You can’t watch Kyle Stacey play without noticing how hard that kid hustles. He scored a goal against Mac County this year where he just outran everyone on both teams for probably 40 yards.” Another example for younger players is that during Maicol Newkirk’s sophomore year he stayed and cleaned up someone’s trash after eating at Wendy’s, “because that’s what leaders do.”   

Dylan Mooneyham plays as an outside midfielder and has been playing soccer for most of his life. Currently, he doesn’t plan on playing past high school unless he receives a scholarship. Soccer has encouraged Dylan throughout high school to do his best. He explained “playing soccer in high school makes you work a lot harder in school to be able to play and keep your grades up.”

Michael Steineke has played soccer for three years in high school as a defender. Although one of his three years on the team he became the team manager due to an injury. Michael’s favorite memories from the past three soccer seasons come from all the bus rides and hanging out with his friends on the team.  He stated, “we are 15:5:1 which is pretty good and plan to go on to and win districts for the first time.” 

When asked how losing Coach Florez said “Losing the seniors is always a loss. We have a great senior group this year, but we also have very good juniors and underclassmen will be ready to step up next season.” The current juniors will step into leadership and the other current players will step up into bigger roles next year. The boys play again on Oct. 19th and 20th at the Stover Tournament.