The Eagles Celebrate as Fall Sports Come to a Close


Football Senior Cayden Stacey

Harley Maxwell

Friday, October 12, was a bittersweet night as Fair Grove football, cross country, band, color guard, and cheerleading all had their Senior Night. Senior Night is a night where all of the seniors on the home sports team are recognized for their excellence and achievement through that specific high school sport. All seniors get to walk across the field with their choice of who ever has influenced their life the most and made them the athlete/person they are today which in most cases is their parents/grandparents. This year Fair Grove’s own Officer Greg Porter read off all of the senior’s information and future plans.

There were 31 seniors across all the activities to honor that night. The football seniors were Rhett Hill, Kolten Coddington, Cody Gunder, Elijah Young, Kord Eagleburger, Matthew Guynn, Joshua Thompson, Cayden Stacye, Hayden Haumann, Riley Deel, Seth Parfit, Brandon Thaller, Garrett Love, and Brody Daniels. “I am having a blast this year playing football with all of my friends and it honestly makes me sad that this is my last year as an eagle,” said Rhett.

The senior cheerleaders were Sidney Hill, Lyndsey Wall, Olivia Prince, Emma Hackett, Kailey Faubion, and Jaden Peterie. “It was a bittersweet moment. I am sad that football cheering is almost over, but I will still be cheering during basketball so I know I will get to experience at least one last season,” said Lyndsey.

The cross country seniors were Ryan Odom, Logan Holliman, Jordan Van Nostrand, Tyler Mcphail, and Eve-Laure Burton. “I have never got to see or be apart of a Senior Night so it was something that I will never forget,” said foreign exchange student Eve-Laure.

The band seniors were Bailey Steele, Christopher Juliano, Kayla Patten, Tyler Cook, Tyler Mcphail, Gracie Rowden, and Danyael Shelton. “It is scary that my five years of band is over, and I will miss all of my friends very much,” stated Kayla Patten.

Last, was the one and only color guard senior Taylor Brumage. “It was sad playing my last show on the fair grove football field for regular season, but I am glad I got to experience my last season with such a fun group of people,” said Taylor.