FGMS Girls Basketball Starts Season Strong


Macey Stallings

Middle school sports are vital in the process of developing good skills and the qualities of leadership that a player should possess, if the player hopes to participate in high school ball.  These sports prepare the young student athletes for the level of competition that waits ahead of them. Fair Grove has a few middle school sports that students can choose from and get involved in.

In every sport, learning how to communicate effectively and to work as a team is an invaluable skill no matter what your age.  Middle school basketball is all about working together as a team to accomplish a common goal – winning the game. Middle school girls basketball is a competitive contact sport for young girls in grades seventh and eighth to enjoy. 

Middle school girls basketball is coached by Carrie Green and Amber Highfill.  Seventh and eighth grade girls were all given the opportunity to try out for the team.  Basketball tryouts occurred after volleyball season ended, and took place in the FEMA gym.  Practice started October 9th for the girls who made the team. “A regular practice consists of working on fundamentals, learning the flow of the game, and conditioning,” said coach Carrie Green.

Coach Green is excited for this group of girls this season, because of how disciplined and hardworking they are, as well as, the intensity and excitement they bring with them on the court. “This group has all played together, and have strong knowledge of the game,” added Coach Green.

One goal the team has for the season is to compete and put themselves in a position to win every game, said Coach Green.  The girls’ record so far for both the 8th and 7th grade teams is 2-1, with a great game played against Hollister on Nov. 1st. The Lady Eagles play their next game on November 5th at Clever.