Your Vote Matters

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Your Vote Matters

Sydney Dame

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On November 6th Missouri had its midterm elections. People may believe that midterm elections and voting are simply about choosing a person to represent Missouri but it is much more than that. Along with Senators, there are many propositions on the ballot that are also important to life in society. Proposition B, C, and D were on the ballot on November 06 due to Prop. A getting voted on in August.

Proposition B works to raise minimum wage to $12.00 an hour by 2023. After 2023 increases and decreases will be based on the Consumer Price Index. If this proposition was voted against then there would be no predictable date as to when minimum wage would be raised. Prop B got passed with a total of 1,488,368 (62.27%) votes for yes and 901,808 (37.73%) votes for no.

Proposition C was in regards of legalizing medical marijuana. By legalizing medical marijuana there would be a 2% tax put on it and it would be specifically for medical use only. The tax revenue collected from the medical marijuana would be going back into communities in the forms of  Veterans’ Association, Drug Treatment, Education, and Public Safety. Prop C did not get passed with a total vote of 1,339,299 (56.49%) no and 1,031,371 (43.51%) yes.

Proposition D wanted to raise the tax on gas prices from 17 cents per gallon to 27 cents per gallon by June 2020. If  Prop D was passed the tax revenue would be used to repair and and improve state roads. However, this does not affect county roads in smaller rural towns and cities in Missouri. This proposition was not passed with 1,274,099 (53.63%) votes for no and 1,101,830 (46.37%) votes for yes.

The results of the midterm election will be put into effect January of 2019 and the next election will be the Presidential Election on November 03, 2020.

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