A Mean Cup of Joe

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A Mean Cup of Joe

Ryan Odom

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62% of Americans drink it and it is the second biggest commodity in the entire world.  Needless to say, people really like coffee. It’s how most start their daily routine. Our neighbor, Springfield, has a lot of interesting places to get coffee, whether it’s at big franchises or small, local cafes.

Starbucks is one of those on the franchise side, but that doesn’t make their brew any less good.  The inside of the store is usually quite busy, so it’s maybe not the best for relaxing. Their Cafe Mocha is one of their most popular, this adult hot chocolate is an amazing drink. However, if you are more of a caramel lover, then the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino is for you. They also have a variety of seasonal drinks, one of the best being the Peppermint Mocha. Jane Ellison, a coffee fanatic, commented, “My favorite of all coffee shops in the Springfield area, is most likely Starbucks. Not only am I a Two Year Gold Star Member, (which I got from roughly spending $300 at Starbucks in a year, but hey, it gives me free drinks!), but I really like that there is a shop in almost every direction in Springfield. I also like that they have a great variety of drinks and you don’t have to drink the same thing twice. I really like the Doubleshot because of its bittersweet flavor that both wakes me up from the sugar and makes me happy from the bitter coffee flavor.”

Unlike Starbucks, Mudhouse Cafe is a little local shop located in downtown Springfield and is by far a fan-favorite for a lot of people.  The interior is a wooden design and makes you feel at ease while drinking your coffee in a care-free zone with a staff that seems to like their job a lot more than the Starbucks employees.  Their drinks are of the highest quality while also being an amazing price. The have a large selection of house-made lattes, blackberry sage being one of the best. Another great latte they have is the Sugar Daddy, a latte with savory caramel and fresh hazelnut.  Mitch Van Cleave, another coffee lover, added, “My favorite hot drink is the Chai Latte, but I also really love the MudPuddle. They’re my two favorites, although everything is good.”

Another very good shop, that is actually the most liked shop in the area according to Yelp, is the Travellers House Coffee & Tea.  It’s not quite as cozy as Mudhouse, but it’s still a great place to relax. Their staff is super friendly and their coffee is even better. The vanilla latte is an amazing sensation for your taste buds and is a must-have for newcomers. I cannot atone for their tea, but they do make a great sandwich as well.  

If Springfield is too far of a drive for you, there is also a small shop here in Fair Grove called The Habit on the corner of Old Mill Road and Main Street. They are only open in the mornings from 7:00am-11:00am.  They operate out of a tiny pull-behind shed but don’t let the look fool you, they make a mean cup of joe.



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