Stunting into State


The cheer team poses with their plaque

Sydney Dame

On November 10, the Fair Grove High School Cheer Team competed at the MCCA Cheer Regional competition and placed second. Due to their high scoring they were able to advance to the NCA State Competition on December 1st. After all their hard work and dedication to cheer they placed fifth at State. Head Coach Tiffany Hill said that she had been contemplating entering the girls into a competition since she started working at Fair Grove. “This seemed like the year that I knew we would be ready to compete.” said Coach Hill.

The girls put hours upon hours of hard work into practicing and preparing for the competition. They had two to three hour practices everyday after school and would practice stunts, jumps, and run through the routine many times to make sure they got it perfect. Coach Hill stated, “I chose girls that I knew were self motivators and athletes.” Senior, Olivia Prince, has been cheering for five years and was on a competitive cheer team before, but this was her first cheer competition with the Fair Grove Cheer Team. “Being a senior we usually help teach the underclassmen new cheers and techniques.” said Prince.

After months and months of blood, sweat, and tears their hard work paid off and they placed fifth at State. The girls who participated in cheering at the performance were Kailey Faubion (12), Sidney Hill (12), Holly Lemon (12), Jaden Peterie (12), Olivia Prince (12), Lyndsey Wall (12), Brooke Heavin (11), Marannatha Holliman (11), Samantha Armstrong (9), Hailey Hulette (9), Chole Reynaud (9), and Audrey Williams (9). Coach Tiffany Hill has not decided if she will enter the girls into another cheer competition again but the idea is there. The cheer season will continue into the upcoming boy’s and girl’s basketball season at the home games with new boys and girls that tried out for the team.