JV Basketball Works Hard On the Court


Tyler Padgett (9) goes up for a layup

Lyndsey Wall

   The Fair Grove High School JV boy’s and girl’s basketball teams have been working hard to prepare for varsity this year. With their season just starting, they’ve been preparing to play to their best ability. Freshman, Hailey Hulette stated, “I love being able to practice with the varsity girls, it prepares JV for years to come on varsity.”

 The girls spend their practice time scrimmaging against the varsity players, and also run their own drills. Sophomore, Lauren Kennard said, “Playing JV games sets us up for varsity by just giving us more experience on the court.”

The Fair Grove boy’s JV team practice along with the varsity boys, giving them experience as well as competition. Freshman, Ryan Berry stated, “Playing school and also club basketball gives me lots of experience, which prepares me to play with the varsity boys.”  

During games the boys gain experience playing real high school basketball, which means they have a head start after practicing with the varsity boys. Ryan Berry said, “We are a well rounded team, we play really well together.”

The JV teams have both done well, with this being the beginning of the season, they have plenty of time to gain even more experience.  Freshman, Kade Gallion said, “Playing my first high school game was nerve wracking, but the team came together and just played the game, we are definitely prepared to make this season a good one.”

The Freshmen who play basketball have learned the competitive nature of the sport really quickly after playing with upperclassmen. Hailey Hulette stated, “I learned a lot of skills after playing against some of the senior girls, some of them are going to college to play, so it gives us an advantage when playing girls my age.”  

The girl’s JV team has an upcoming game against Mt. Vernon on December 11th. The JV boys will have a game against Diamond on December 11th.