Five Reasons I Think Fair Grove Should Add Wrestling

Jordan Van Nostrand

  1. Wrestling allows more students to be participate in the winter sports season.

Currently basketball dominates the winter sports season, but adding wrestling would allow those athletes who are not involved in basketball to stay in shape throughout the winter sports season, preparing them for the spring sports season while keeping their momentum from the fall.

  1. Wrestling uses weight classes to determine who athletes compete against.

This gives athletes of any size the unique chance to excel on a level playing field. Weight classes change the dynamic from being stronger than your opponent to being more skilled.

  1. Wrestling is generally an inexpensive sport, with minimal equipment.

The bare minimum equipment needed for wrestling are wrestling mats, headgear, singlets, and shoes. Most schools that have a wrestling program provide the mats and singlets, the headgear and shoes are usually owned by the athlete. Anything beyond, such as mouth guards, or cups are purchased by the athlete separately.

  1. Wrestling would expand upon Fair Grove’s already diverse sports program.

Fair Grove has the most diverse sports program in the Mid-Lakes Conference, the reason for that is because we offer soccer, a sport that no other school in the MLC does. The addition of wrestling would further the gap in the quality of sports programs offered by schools.

  1. We can handle it!

The Fall sports season houses two of Fair Grove’s most popular sports: football and soccer. The 2018-19 season proved that even with the split number of athletes, Fair Grove is a force to be reckoned with, as football won the District Championship and soccer won their first District Championship, and kept going until they took third in the State Championship. Fair Grove has proven that they can not only handle multiple sports in the same season, but can win games and championships as well.