Fair Grove Hosts Mother Son Olympics


Olivia Prince

 On January 14th, the Fair Grove PTO hosted the annual Mother Son Olympics. The PTO hosts family nights every year for students to have a fun-filled night spent with their parents. They also host the Father Daughter Dance. PTO stands for Parent Teacher Organization, and they help support the teachers at the Fair Grove Schools. All of the money raised at the Mother Son Olympics went back to PTO, to ultimately positively impact the teachers and students.

    Dr. Kayce Knaup, Director of Student Services, attended the Mother Son Olympics with her son for the first time this year. She said, “It was such a fun evening to spend with my son. We had a great time and supported a great cause.”

    There were many different games included in the Mother Son Olympics, which was spread all throughout the elementary school. In the gym, they had two different games. One had an course set up for the sons to sweep a ball all the way across the gym floor, and then pass the brooms off to their moms to try to finish first. The other was carnival themed and had them throw the ball into a hole to score points. In the cafeteria, they also had two games. The challenge of one was to have the son sit on a blanket and the mother would pull them on the blanket racing around the lunch tables against other mothers. The other game in the cafeteria had an obstacle to pick up cotton balls with straws and move them into a container to score points. The last game was farther down in the elementary, and it was a hungry hippo themed game. Dr. Knaup says, “My son preferred the blanket game because he fell off and thought that was hilarious. I thought the hungry hippo game was really cute.”