Middle School Adds New Beyblade Club


FGMS students participate in the new Beyblade Club.

Jordan Van Nostrand

Last month, January, 2019; the newest after school club was created: Beyblade Club. Beyblade Club meets every Wednesday after school in middle school room 13 from 3:00 to 4:00. “Fifth and Sixth graders interested in Beyblades should consider joining because one of the goals is to promote good sportsmanship by playing with a number of opponents and learning to be kind whether you win or lose,” said Club Sponsor Laura Martin.

Students who would like to participate must first turn in a permission slip to Mrs. Martin.

A Beyblade battle is when two or more people send, launch, or rip their Beyblades into the same arena; the battle is over when one Beyblade has either stopped, fallen apart, also known as “bursting,” or been sent out of the arena, known as a knockout.

Beyblades or “Beys” are spinning tops consisting of three parts: a tip, frame and top piece. Beys are used to battle in a stadium or arena; these resemble a large plastic bowl with high walls to keep the Beys from flying out. Arenas can also have traps which can cause the Beys to stop or burst prematurely.

“There are four types of beyblades; Attack types go faster but burst easier, Defense types stick to the center and absorbs attacks better, Stamina types spin for a much longer time, but have a slight chance of bursting, and Balance types which are a combination of all three previous types,” explained Beyblade club member Dillon Todd. Beyblades are customizable which allows students to switch parts between their favorite Beys and greatly alter their Bey’s type in just a few tweaks.

Many of the Club members first got into Beyblades because they saw the toys at the store and the show on television. If you would like to try your hand in Beyblades, you can find them in Walmart or on Amazon.com, the children’s show can also be watched on Cartoon Network, Disney, or Netflix.