Fair Grove Creates New Acceptable Dress Code


Hopefully the new dress code will reduce the number of kids sent to ISS, unfortunately that means less staff for the daycare.

Lyndsey Wall

(Editor’s Note: This article was posted on April 1st as an April Fools joke. Since it is still being shared post-April 1st, we want to make sure that everyone knows this was a joke.)

Students at Fair Grove Schools are expected to set high standards for themselves in the way they groom and dress themselves. The student handbook states, “Clothing which promotes drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products should not be worn.”

Shirts that are too revealing, and pants with inappropriate holes above the knee are prohibited as well. Students seen in “improper clothing” will be asked to correct their appearance.

Students are always trying to take advantage of the enforcement of these standards. Due to these actions, students, starting next school year will be required to wear school uniforms. The uniforms will be unisex, consisting of a white polo shirt worn under a black blazer, and black pants. Socks will be provided, they will be knee high, and shoes are required to be black with a closed toe. Superintendent Mike Bell stated, “With these uniforms, the goal is to have students focused on education, not their clothing. Bullying will hopefully decrease, creating a more close bond with the students and no students will feel labeled by appearance.”

Students will also have dress requirements when attending extracurricular activities such as sports games, and fine art performances. Students must wear clothing that goes past their elbows and knees. All v-neck shirts, hats, leggings, and loose fitting pants will be prohibited. Anyone seen in improper clothing will be asked to leave.

School dances are going to have strict dress codes as well. High School Principal Chris Stallings said, “Revealing dresses have been an issue at Fair Grove, so the issue will be coming to an end.”  

Dresses that are form fitted will not be allowed. V-neck, backless, two-pieces and dresses without sleeves will be unacceptable. Anyone seen in the unacceptable attire will be asked to leave.

Assistant Principal Christian Overstreet said, “Any student who protests against these new dress guidelines will receive two days of ISS.” 

Students must obey the dress code or they will be disciplined. The new dress code will start being enforced at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.