Wommack Mill to be Torn Down for New Sonic

The site of Fair Grove's biggest scandal and newest Sonic!!

The site of Fair Grove’s biggest scandal and newest Sonic!!

Brystol Bates

(Editor’s Note: This article was posted on April 1st as an April Fools joke. Since it is still being shared post-April 1st, we want to make sure that everyone knows this was a joke.)

Recently the Fair Grove Historical Society has announced that the Wommack Mill, the foundation of Fair Grove, will be torn down to make room for a new Sonic. This announcement came after discovering the truth about the Wommack Mill’s controversial history. The Mill was built in 1883, bought by the Fair Grove Historical Society in 1977, and put onto the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Jolene Tracy, Fair Grove Historical Society President, stated, “The Wommack Mill was sold due to the recent history discovered, it is no longer owned by the Fair Grove Historical Society.”

The Mill’s history has been under review for many years but with the new information that has been uncovered the City of Fair Grove no longer has claim over the land. In the past month a local historian revealed that the land surrounding the Wommack Mill was never purchased during the Louisiana Purchase. The land was excluded from the purchase by the French Government, which kept it to spy on the newly forming country. The Mill continued to be a site that local extremists used to disclose information about the Midwest to other countries governments. The Fair Grove Historical Society is also under review due to threats to national security. There is also talk that the Heritage Reunion will be moved to Buffalo to decrease the suspicious activity by the group.

Terry Smith, the buyer, contacted the French Government after this information was uncovered. He bought the Mill and surrounding land for $75,000. Terry Smith, the new owner of the Wommack Mill, said, “I can’t believe that it was never actually owned by the U.S.”

He added, “I just really like Sonic cherry limeades so I thought I would build one.”

While some businesses feel that this will negatively impact their income many local residents are very excited for the new addition to the town. Macey Stallings, a senior at Fair Grove High School, exclaimed, “I am really excited for the new Sonic, because I love the mozzarella sticks!”

The construction company that is taking on the project shared that the Mill is set to be demolished on April 4th, starting at 8:00 am. The Sonic will break ground on April 10th, with the hopes to be open by May 8th.