Wonders of Wildlife: Local Attractions to Visit



Lillian Crum

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Wonders of Wildlife has had many visitors, although, most didn’t agree with the pricing of the tickets. Overhearing the conversations, the people of Springfield prefer that the Wonders of Wildlife should lower their prices. Bass Pro Shops have listened and agreed to lower the prices of the aquarium.  For adults, the price starts at $39.95. For children, it’s $23.95.

This is a fantastic way for children to experience animals and learn about the ecosystem. There is over 350,000 square feet full of aquariums and habitats featuring birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, over 800 species of life fish and so much more. This experience isn’t just specifically for children. Hunters, fisherman, and ones who travel around the world would enjoy this event.

Wonders of Wildlife is open all day of the week. Monday through Thursday they’re open from 10am-5pm, Friday is 10am-7pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, and Saturday is 10am-7pm.  You can buy the tickets online at their website http://www.wondersofwildlife.org/tickets/.  There are also options for tickets to Dogwood Canyon Nature Park.

Dogwood Canyon Nature Park is located in Lampe Missouri. The hours consist of 8am-5pm. You are also able to buy these tickets on the Wonders of Wildlife website. For adults the tickets are $51.95 and children are $31.95.  At Dogwood Canyon, you have an endless list of activities. On the following website you can find all the activities, adventures and so much more! http://www.dogwoodcanyon.org/Page/Adventures.aspx

Both of these locations offer a variety of family fun. Looking at large and small mouth bass, to riding your horse through a beautiful scenery,  they both have it all. This summer, you can plan a fun trip for all of the family to enjoy. Getting the kids out adventuring and the adults letting a little stress off of their shoulders, this is an amazing way to do so.

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