City Hall Becomes New Pool


Site of the new indoor pool, and contamination source.

Isabella Ashworth

(Editor’s Note: This article was posted on April 1st as an April Fools joke. Since it is still being shared post-April 1st, we want to make sure that everyone knows this was a joke.)

The Fair Grove City Hall is being destroyed to make a new pool. Deloris James, secretary for City Hall stated, “City Hall is just taking up space, so we decided to take down City Hall and make an indoor pool.”

Some pros of getting the pool instead of having City Hall is that students and parents can enjoy a pool all year round. The pool will also be open on the Mondays and Tuesdays that students have off next year.

There are many pros but there are also a few cons, with one being that there isn’t going to be a place for city counsel to work. With there being no place for the city counsel people to work they are all going to begin to work at home. Another con is that the run off from the pool filters will eventually contaminate the water source and the town will have to be evacuated. This will also impact the Fall Festival, which is rumored to be moving to Buffalo.

The City Hall is going to be demolished on April 21, 2019 leaving an empty lot until the wonderful pool is going to be built. 75% of the population of Fair Grove is attending the demolition to watch the most boring part of Fair Grove go crumbling down. Also to help with building the pool they are forcing every person that watches the demolition to pay $20. The pool is going to take about two months and should be completed around June 28, 2019. “The City Hall’s demolition is going to be posted on Facebook and everyone is welcome to post our exciting progress with the demolition along with the progress with the pool being built,” stated Deloris James.

Fair Grove will be fun this year with a new pool and Sonic going in over the summer.