Fair Grove Athletes Move on to College


Garrett Love poses in his future jersey. Photo provided by Garrett Love

Mitch Van Cleave

Fair Grove High School has a large 2019 senior class, with a large influence on athletics. Due to this, a lot of these soon-to-be graduates have been offered (and taken) opportunities to play sports in college. Most of these universities are in the Springfield area, such as Drury and Evangel.

Statistics show that a little over 7% of high school athletes play sports in college. With such a small portion of athletes being accepted into college sports, the skill level in understandably higher. Sidney Hill, who will be playing volleyball at Evangel commented, “College is going to be a lot more fast paced. I’ve played on a higher aged club team though, so I feel like I’ll be a little more prepared than others will be. I think I’ll fit in pretty well though, I’m already friends with a lot of the team. I’m not sure if I’ll play, but I’ll at least be a substitute.”

Garrett Love will be playing football at Evangel next fall. Love says that he is excited to play in college. He stated, “As a freshman I’m probably not going to be starting, but I want to work as hard as I can. I’ve seen of the guys there and they are pretty big, but I can work.”

Both players are attending Evangel University, which enticed them through the substance of their students. Love described, “The thing that attracted me the most was the family environment of the team and how much the coaches care. They really made me feel like I was one of their own. Also, a lot of Fair Grove people are going there, so that’s nice.”

Hill is attending for a similar reason. “I’m already close with the head coach. When I’m walking to the gym, I just feel so welcomed by everybody on the campus. It just feels like a good environment,” she concluded.

Fair Grove High School has a student playing from nearly every sport. For more information you can visit at college rosters and websites.

Current list of all signed Seniors:

Shannon Collins is playing volleyball at Evangel.

Sidney Hill is playing volleyball at Evangel.

Garrett Love is playing football at Evangel.

Rhett Hill is playing baseball at College of the Ozarks.

Alana Findley is playing basketball at Drury.

Harley Maxwell is playing basketball at Evangel.

Lexie Sutherland is playing basketball at Evangel.