Fair Grove Theatre Presents Seuss


The cast ends the show with an upbeat performance.

Mitch Van Cleave

The Fair Grove Theatre department performed their rendition of Seussical the Musical on April fifth, sixth, and seventh. The show was widely regarded as a success by the community. Multiple students and staff members from the school were attracted to the production, which was a collection of various stories from the mind of beloved children’s author, Dr. Seuss.

Theatre teacher and department sponsor, Amy Holland explained, “I think it was an enjoyable experience for everyone; it was very family friendly. I thought it was very nice to see whole families there from grandparents to nieces and nephews. It did a very good job of connecting to a lot of people through the music and the message.”

The story predominantly follows the tale of Horton the Elephant, trying to save a dust speck that holds the town of Whoville atop it. Horton repeatedly utters the phrase, “A person is a person no matter how small.”

Ben Hamilton (11), who played Horton in the production stated, “I felt that happy with my performance as Horton. I think I could’ve done a little better, but I was happy with what I got done in the time that I had.”

Numerous other students took up lead roles, such as Bria Jones (11) as JoJo, Natalie Anglen (12) as Gertrude, Liz Holland (11) as Mazie, and Georgia Whalley (11) as The Cat in the Hat. Holland noted, “Personally I think the whole cast was fantastic. What I enjoyed the most of this process was watching them progress. They really grew into their characters.”

A lot of work went into the preparation of the show, Whalley (The Cat) explained, “We had a lot of people contributing to choreography, costume design and set design. We spent our time going over our rough patches to make sure everything looked and sounded just right. I think we all had moments of confusion as to how we were going to play specific characters and portray how they fit into the story, but we had words from our vocal coach Kristen that really inspired us to look deeper and figure what our characters truly meant to the story.”

The cast was content with their performance of the musical. Holland concluded, “I think it was a really big success story for my students. They were really able to maximize and stress themselves. It was an intense process but very fruitful.”