Leaving the Fair Grove Family: Sandra Robinson


Sandra Robinson teaches during a class.

Ryan Odom

Sandra Robinson is currently the longest lasting teacher here at Fair Grove High School, but her streak is coming to an end.  After 25 years of teaching at Fair Grove, Mrs. Rob’s teaching career is coming to an end. She has taught tech classes such as Business Tech, Digi Comm, Computer Applications and Personal Finance.  She also taught at Drury and Missouri State University for five years, was a Human Resource Assistant, and even a piano teacher. She was also a graduate from Fair Grove High School, which is why she choose to teach here.  She said it is in the town that she lived in and her children went to school here so she has a vested interest in this school.

Mrs. Rob had many great moments at Fair Grove.  She said, “The students, they are by far what I will miss the most.  Favorite experiences would have to be students winning at FBLA conferences and seeing how successful they can be when they put effort into something.”  

Of course there are also sad moments during those times. Rob added, “Watching students feel that one little incident or event in their life defines them. Life and success is so much more than one small thing that happens in your life. There is much more to life after high school.”

Mrs. Rob decided to go into the technology side of teaching, because she was previously a computer programer, but didn’t like the lack of human interaction in her office environment.  Teaching was a good way to combine her love of computers and fondness of interaction with others. Making the decision to retire was a hard one. Mrs. Rob commented, “My husband and I have two other businesses we run and it is getting to the point where I need more time to work at them.  I also have some relatives that are aging and I would like to help them while I still can”

She has become a favorite teacher to many students and will be greatly missed.