Character Council Ends the Year on a High Note


Middle Schoolers have fun at their dance.

Georgia Whalley

The middle school had their 5th and 6th grade bash as well as the 7th and 8th grade dance on the 22nd of March. The students involved in Characters Council came up with the themes being the Neon Spring Bash, and Starry Nights Spring Dance. They planned and set up these events with the help of the art club.

The 21 members of Character Council  worked during the weeks leading up to the events to organize the specifics and work on tasks like making decorations and obtaining funds. Middle school math teacher and Character Council sponsor, Shawnda Minor, explained, “We spend a few weeks in the planning and preparing stage, and enlist help of others as needed.”

They worked with the middle school art club for decorations and Mrs. Harmon handled the music.

The grades has separate events to help aid with the stress that can come along with social events. Minor explained, “A traditional dance brings along a lot of social awkwardness and demands that really don’t need to be part of the already difficult middle school years.”

She then added, “To keep everyone happy, we do two separate events that cater to each age group.”

The bash had a lot of games with a DJ, pizza, soda, and prizes for participating in activities.  The dance had a table for food and drink, a corner for socializing as well as a dance floor, with decorations to suit the theme of the night.

Sadly, this was Minors last year as Character Council sponsor as she has taken a position in another school district, meaning she will no longer be teaching at Fair Grove. “It has been an absolute joy and honor working with such a great group of kids year after year, and I couldn’t be happier to leave on such a good note.”