The Beneficiality of Band


The Marching Band performs at halftime in 2018.

Natalie Anglen

The Fair Grove High School’s Band and Color Guard program has been known over the years for their brilliant performances and competition in multiple areas of expertise. However, a new show calls for a diligent season with several surprises awaiting next year’s band performances.  

The band is a great way for students with a musically inclined influence to be involved and learn great skills and talents when it comes to the music profession. Along with this comes great opportunities for future improvements and chances to excel in such a career. Danyeal Shelton (12), a current band student, explained, “I feel like I have learned a lot. I went from clarinet to tuba so I learned a lot of notes.”

The color guard also provides great aptitudes for future development and adds a more physical element to that of the marching band. It creates a pop of beauty and color to the band and helps bring the Fair Grove Marching Band’s brilliant shows together.

Kayla Patten, a senior who has been involved with the Fair Grove Band program her whole high school career, stated, “We are preparing for the spring concert and preparing for state.”

With two major events coming up, it is no surprise that the Fair Grove Band practices daily. They rehearse multiple songs during the day, and work on a song until it is perfected before moving on to the next one. Next school year, the theme for the bands shows will be The Darkness Unseen. It is a show representing the beauty behind horror movies and is a tribute to the horror movie community. Though some bands students are still not quite sure what this new show will bring, they are definitely excited and determined to make it no less than amazing. With all the hard work and perseverance the band contains, there is no doubt that they will present it brilliantly.