Fair Grove Teachers Bring Fun and Physics Together


The group traveled to Silver Dollar City

Harley Maxwell

On Wednesday, April 10th the Fair Grove physics teacher Jon Foster decided to take a fun route to help his students  learn about physics. On this special day also known as “Science Day” the physics class at Fair Grove got to take a field trip during school to Silver Dollar City, an amusement park in Branson, Missouri.

There was about 15 students that attended the trip with Mr. Foster. “The students went to 7 rides (stations) and calculated things like kinetic and potential energy, tangential velocity, g-force, acceleration, angular velocity, power, & work,” said Foster.

Then after everything was calculated the students got to have a little bit of fun time and ride all of the rides. “The whole purpose of the trip was to reinforce physics concepts covered during the course of the year,” stated Foster.

The physics students attending the trip also learned a lot about how things in the common world all relate to science. “We got to experience all the forces of motion at work and get to see how the velocity changes make an impact on how much force you experience as you go round curves and loops,” said physics student Jack Macatee (11).

By giving the kids some type of reward for learning the science and skills of physics class it gives the students more motivation and a want to learn the material they are being taught. This is what makes science day such an exciting and fundamental learning day of the year that Fair Grove will continue to celebrate and participate in over years to come.