Fair Grove Junior Competes at Speech State

Georgia Whalley [11] performs her piece during Speech State.

Georgia Whalley [11] performs her piece during Speech State.

Jordan Van Nostrand

On Saturday, April 13th, Fair Grove Junior Georgia Whalley performed at Missouri State University during Speech State. The available categories to compete in Speech State are Dramatic Interpretation, Duet Acting, Duo Interpretation, U.S Extemporaneous Speaking, International Extemporaneous Speaking, Humorous Interpretation, Poetry Reading, Prose Reading (in which Georgia competed), Original Oratory, Radio Speaking, Storytelling, and Debate.

Georgia had been working on this piece for some time, but she had to prepare for the heightened competition at State. “I went over previous judges sheets, and wrote down critiques I felt could help for future performances. I stayed after school with Holland the day before for any quick touch ups as well as performing for friends,” said Georgia.

She added, “I also went through the script and highlighted specific cues, so I knew when to gesture, when to look at my script, and when to talk faster.”

A group of two judges critique eight students each; when being judged the students are given a score of 1 through 8 by both judges, a 1 being the best and an 8 being the worst. The person who receives the lowest score takes first place and the list continues from there. Georgia said, “While you’re performing, they judge based mainly on introduction, comprehension and delivery, they also write down critiques or strong points.”

“I performed twice, and I think my first performance was one of the best, while the second was still good, but definitely could have been better. I can improve on my time, as I was between 1 and 3 seconds too long,” stated Georgia.

Georgia placed 14th in the state for her prose reading.

Speech participants are not allowed to present any one piece for more than season, this increases the difficulty of the events and encourages creativity among the competitors. “This year I was involved in Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry and Prose, which I went to districts in all three, so now that the season is over I need to start finding new pieces.” said Georgia Whalley.

She noted, “My events next year will most likely be Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, and Prose. I have some ideas for next year’s pieces, but now I just need to make some decisions. I am unbelievably excited for next year, and I am determined to make next year just as amazing as this one.”