One Last Swing


The softball team comes in for a huddle.

Natalie Anglen

May 1st marked the end of the softball season this year with a game against Sparta at Strafford. Though it was slightly disappointing for the Fair Grove Girls softball team, there is no doubt the girls put in their best effort and learned a lot.

Tristan cross, a senior softball player stated, “It went by really fast it I feel like we were able to come closer to each other in the short amount of time we had.”

The team overall is one of the most close knit teams known to Fair Grove, including several team players who obtain very strong relationships to one another. The team does several team bonding activities to keep such positive energy flowing within the team, including a team scavenger hunt throughout the school. Though the team is a diverse group of girls from several different backgrounds with a wide range of interests, together they create a strong team of women who work with grit and determination.

Maddie Walters, a returning player to the team, commented, “I am really going to miss Tristin and Ryah [Icenhower, a senior on the team]. It is nice to get some sleep now though.”

All the hard work put into the team’s growth definitely has left the team exhausted after the season has now ended, which is no surprise. They practiced for hours almost every night and also over weekends to improve their agility and skills. Though the season is now over for the team, they plan to all stay in contact even after the seniors leave and hope to begin moving forward and practicing for next year. Though next spring is very far away from now, the softball team has some summer programs and practices to keep the players in shape for the year. Though this season ended unfortunately for the team, they are very hopeful and determined to improve next season and have the brilliant strive and ability to do it.