Oh Eureka!!!

Natalie Anglen

On Friday, May 3rd, the Fair Grove High School art club went on a field trip to Eureka Springs to experience the artistic history behind the quaint town. Several students attended, including some previous art fair winners like Presley Emery and Taylor Essary.  

The trip started with an early morning meeting at the school at 7 am and proceeded with a two and a half hour bus ride. Afterwards, the group began to tour the town and meandered through several shops and boutiques, looking for artistic undertone and value in each one. They visited many art galleries, featuring the arts of several now retired artists who now do their own work on the side. Holly Lemon, a senior advanced art student at Fair Grove High, says, “Going to Eureka Springs with my friends and seeing the beautiful architecture and unique art was so much fun.”

The trip was definitely a memorable for all the students involved and definitely proved that not all art has  to be famous and big to be meaningful. Olivia Prince, the head student of art club, reflects on the trip, saying, “I think the art field trip was a good idea because Eureka Springs is a very artistic town and I  feel like it gave a lot of the students in art club inspiration to broaden their artistic spectrum.” The trip was overall a great experience for the artistically inclined students because it proved that art is everywhere. It is not just in their art class or their school, but it is everywhere they go in life, as long as they look for it. Though the field trip was a close to the art club activities for the year, it was a positive experience full of many memories which will be remembered forever. From shopping through the puzzling shops of Eureka, to watching Prom King Jordan Van Nostrand eat a Carolina Reaper pepper, those memories will never go away. Just like art, it never truly goes away, it will forever leave its mark.