Fair Grove Volleyball Hits Off the Season


Ashlyn Tiller

Fair Grove Volleyball starts this years season with a 2-1 record. They’ve worked hard through the summer camps like the varsity Fort Scott camp, the Branson camp and the Monday League. “The summer camps are so beneficial, it’s unreal. They brought the team closer together, helped everyone with communication and with working together on and off the court,” said sophomore, Brielle Helmer. 

Last year the seniors were a significant part of the team. When they left they took the team chemistry with them. Elizabeth Holland elaborated, “…We had to start from scratch…We still haven’t clicked as a team yet but I feel that as the season goes on our chemistry will grow.”

Some players have stepped it up since last year. With 26 girls on the team, there are definitely some key players.  The seniors are Madison Clark, Elizabeth Gravitt, Bailee Morgan, Maranntha Holliman, and Elizabeth Holland. They all have a big role in leadership, along with Lauren Kennard (11), Sarah Beals (11), and Chloe Reynaud (10). “I expect all upperclassmen to be leaders… They know that the success of our team is directly related to their leadership,” stated coach, Tonya Peck. 

Even the freshmen are doing their part in supporting the team. Helmer told that they are very coachable, adjusting to high school ball well, and are very fun to be around. “At first it was a shock to them because we play at a faster speed but they’ve picked their game and improved quickly,” Holland expressed.