A Step Into the Larger Cleats


Fair Grove Middle School football team playing hard at a home game against Logan Rogersville

Ashley Lassley

This year at Fair Grove Schools, the middle school football team is opening up to all the possibilities the season has to offer. Welcoming in new kids and bringing back former players, the team of 33 are preparing for what’s to come with the help of the coaches, Chris Holt and Calab Kauffman. 


With some observation of the work the kids have put in, the coaches admire the speed, quickness, and pure athleticism the kids are bringing to the team. Though with strengths comes weaknesses, having kids play in new and different positions, being one of them. In this season, with the many practice dates and 6 games they have, there is definitely time for them to improve in the areas needed. Their events stretch out over the course of September and October, two of them having already passed leaving the 7th grade team 1-1. Some of the games they have left to play are: Game at Stockton at 5:30, Game at Forsythe at 5:30, Game VS LCA at 5:30 at home, game VS Strafford at 5:30 at home. (visit https://www.fairgroveschools.net/o/fgms for more details)

The coaches have very high expectations of the team for this year after having a very successful season last year with a score of 5-1 with a loss to “a very good Harrison, Arkansas team,” as Holt says, “We expect great things from both teams.”

Chase Taylor is a student member of the 7th grade team this year. He stated that he thought it would be fun and has acknowledged that he is enjoying the season and all it has to offer . When asked how it affects the rest of his school day, Taylor said “[It’s] less time to do homework, but it’s definitely worth it.”


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